10 May, 2024

Big jumps in table tennis ladder

THE latest round of Orford and District Table Tennis matches has resulted in some big jumps in the ladder.

By Staff Writer

Attunga’s two weeks of wins has seen them jump from last to second, while Glengleeson leap frogged over Orford to knock on the door of the four with a good percentage – if only they could put the wins on the board.

Both Warrnambool teams now hold the top ladder positions, divided only by percentage.

Results from week three:

Warrnambool Vikings defeated Orford 10.31-1.5.

Vikings showed their dominance with this win. Russell Hussey was Orford’s winner when he defeated Gilles, while Rehan and Tess won their three rubbers for Vikings.

Warrnambool Warriors defeated Myndarra 7.23-4.14.

The longest rubber of the night was when Warriors’ David Cranwell defeated Ally Rowbottom 11-4, 11-8, 14-16 and 11-5.

Myndarra’s Aaron Rowbottom won his three rubbers while Darren Smith, Peter Owen and David Cranwell all won two rubbers for Warriors.

Glengleeson defeated Tarrone 8.25-2.8.

The opening rubber set the tone for this match, with Glengleeson’s Mark Murray defeating Steven Young (Orford) 11-9, 11-9, 9-11, 10-12 and 11-2.

There were other extended games throughout the night but only one other extended rubber, with Steven winning over Lindsay Morton (Glengleeson) 6-11, 11-5, 11-9, 7-11 and 11-5.

Glengleeson’s Gareth Spring won his three rubbers.

Port Fairy lost to Attunga 3.8-8.15.

Port Fairy played with only two players.

Fergus Monsborough won both his singles and teamed with Terry Jago to win their only doubles.

Attunga’s Val Wortley won her three rubbers.

In week two, Attunga defeated Tarrone 11.33-0.4.

Ian and Val Wortley and Gus Looney were three rubber winners.

Week four fixture and anticipated results:

Myndarra v Warrnambool Vikings – while Myndarra will play at home, Warrnambool Vikings will take the four points.

Tarrone v Warrnambool Warriors – the whisper is that Tarrone will have David Warhurst back for this match, but the Warriors still have the fire power to win.

Attunga v Glengleeson – all players available, Attunga should win.

Orford v Port Fairy – this is anticipated to be the match of the night.

Orford’s Russell Hussey, David Rowbottom, Jayden Clapp and Chloe Bartlett should be able to counter Ray Young, Fergus Monsborough and Tony Storer in a 6-5 night but the result could be 6-5 Port’s way.

The un-official ladder: Warrnambool Vikings 12 (96 games), Warrnambool Warriors 12 (80 game), Attunga 8, Myndarra 8, Glengleeson 4, Orford 4, Port Fairy 0, Tarrone 0.


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