28 June, 2024

Britnell calls for scanner

SOUTH West Coast MP Roma Britnell is calling for the urgent delivery of a PET Scanner to Warrnambool.

Speaking in parliament recently, Ms Britnell challenged the Minister for Health regarding when the community can expect delivery of the much-needed PET scanner, promised by the government during the 2022 elections.

A PET scanner, crucial for diagnosing diseases such as cancer, was promised to the community almost two years ago yet today the Warrnambool hospital remains without this vital piece of equipment.

“Many people have told me about their exhausting trips to Geelong for PET scans,” Ms Britnell said.

“This is impacting patient care and adding undue stress during an already difficult time.”

She further highlighted broader concerns, saying she believed the community was facing “real threats” of regional hospital mergers.

“Now add to this the promised PET scanner being nowhere in sight, two years on, it just seems like all we are receiving is bad news and broken promises.”

Ms Britnell called for immediate action, emphasising the need for the PET scanner to alleviate the burden on local patients and ensure timely, accessible healthcare for the community.


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