14 July, 2023

Cyber security on agenda

CYBER safety is at the forefront of concerns for not only businesses and government, but also not-for-profit organisations and community groups.

By Staff Writer

A symposium, to be held in Warrnambool next Thursday afternoon, will help local organisations, clubs and small businesses to protect themselves from cyber-attack. 

“Not-for-profit and community organisations need to be aware of the steps to take to ensure the security and safety of their groups,” community southwest executive officer Richard Zerbe said. 

“Cybersecurity is a risk management issue and every organisation faces different issues. 

“The community is becoming increasingly aware of the continual need to understand the threats of cyber-attack.” In 2022 there were 76,000 reported cybercrime attacks, which equates to an incident every seven minutes in Australia, according to the Australian Cyber Security Centre. 

 “Prevention is better than cure and organisations need to be up to date with the latest cybersecurity advice and accessing free services such as this symposium. Leaders and executive members of all not-for-profits and community organisations are encouraged to attend,” Mr Zerbe said. 

 A panel of five experts will provide the essential steps to secure your organisation. Areas to be covered include research findings, risk management, workplace human resources, implementation strategies as well as the impact and consequences of cybersecurity attacks. Presentations will be informative, engaging and dynamic and offer examples and strategies to deal with the ongoing cyber threat landscapes. 

 Managers, executives and boards need to be informed and engaged to be asking questions and looking over the cybersecurity landscape. 

 The symposium will be hosted by Rod Brugman, director of eResources Business Systems, who said most small businesses had already experienced a cyber security incident. 

“The goal of cybersecurity planning is to protect the security and privacy of your data systems from data breach, unauthorised access, damage or destruction,” Mr Brugman said. 

Next Thursday’s free session will run from 2pm-4.30pm at the Lady Bay Resort. 


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