5 October, 2023

Dennington Jets take off

THE Dennington Bowling Club has kicked off the new season with the launch of its new name – the Dennington Jets.

By Staff Writer

Dennington Jets take off - feature photo

The ‘Jets’ was officially launched last Friday by club president, Tony Scott, in front of an enthusiastic group of club members, sponsors and supporters. 

“While bowls is generally perceived as a sport for older people, bowls administrators and clubs have been looking for ways to attract younger people to the sport,” Mr Scott said. 

“As a club Dennington has been fortunate to attract five or six new, younger bowlers over the past 12 months.” 

A few years ago Dennington broke ranks within the district, becoming the only local club to implement team names for pennant teams – moving away from the use of just colours to distinguish different pennant teams. 

The focus on team names had been in vogue for the National Bowls Premier League and in recent years the concept has been adopted by metro and regional clubs to present a new image of the sport to a wider, younger market, through adopting club names. 

This initiative has now filtered through to the western district where a number of clubs have adopted sporting names, similar to football teams and other sports. 

Dennington Bowling Club will be known as Dennington Jets, with a new pennant uniform and marketing direction. 

With the generous sponsorship of SWI Engineering and Raffertys Tavern, the club has purchased new shirts and caps/hats and these have been issued, free of charge, to the club’s pennant bowlers. 

New vests and jackets will be available shortly. 

“We hope that this re-branding helps to lift the profile of bowls and our club within the local community,” Mr Scott said. 

“This could be a new, exciting time for the sport and the club; a lot is happening and a lot may happen.” 


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