22 February, 2023

Diseased Palms Removed

THREE diseased Canary Island Palms have been removed from various locations across Warrnambool in recent months.

All three trees were in an advanced state of decline, with an arborist’s report recommending their removal.

The trees, estimated to be about 70 years old, have been affected by various fungal diseases.

They were located at the intersection of Timor and Fairy streets, Timor and Ryot streets and on Mortlake Road near Roslyn Close.

One of the trees had nalanthamala vermoesenii, another had botryosphaeria and a third had botryosphaeria, pestalotiopsis and epicoccum.

Warrnambool City Council acting CEO David Leahy said that since the arborist’s report was completed in mid-2021, the trees have continued to decline significantly.

“Diseases have ravaged the trees to a point where there are no fronds left at all,” Mr Leahy said.

“Thankfully, the trees didn’t have fusarium wilt, a serious disease that has significantly impacted Canary Island Palms in the City of Port Phillip in inner Melbourne.

“The type of diseases that the three declining palms in Warrnambool have aren’t as easily spread to nearby healthy trees, but it’s just not a risk worth taking.

“As well as removing the palm trees, all equipment was sterilised after each removal to help ensure the disease was contained.”

Mr Leahy said there was also the amenity of the city to consider.

“The trees were not producing new foliage and would eventually die,” he said.

“Replanting options will be considered once the works are complete and further soil assessments are undertaken.”


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