12 April, 2024

Don’t become a cybersafe

SMALL businesses across the district are being urged to revisit their cyber security measures – and to learn more about how best to protect themselves from ‘cyber attack.’

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It’s time to break the silence of business victims and to encourage open discussion around the topic.

In light of recent federal government changes to the Australian Privacy Act, a symposium will be held at Warrnambool’s Lighthouse Theatre on Thursday, April 18 from 1pm-4pm.

The event will provide expert insight for leadership and executive teams from organisations that are working to protect their business from cyber attack.

In 2022 there were 76,000 reported cybercrime attacks, which equates to one incident every seven minutes in ‘Australia.

According to Graeme Pye from Deakin University, while most ‘small-to-enterprises’ (SMEs) want to be cyber safe, there are impediments that some are facing that makes it difficult to achieve on their own.

This includes lack of financial resources and cyber expertise, limited access to relevant cyber security information and a false belief that cyber incidents, hacks and scams ‘happen to someone else.’

“There is no one-size-fits-all approach to cyber security for SMEs but the most important thing to do is generate an ongoing discussion across all levels regarding its importance, staff awareness, incident reporting and more,” Mr Pye said.

“A business’ cyber security status needs to be updated to keep pace. By regularly reviewing and updating their small business plan, the business can ensure they are well prepared and protected.”

The ‘CyberSafe24 Great South Coast’ presenters will provide accurate and reliable information on the steps that can be taken to secure your organisation.

Dr Graeme Pye, Rachel Dixon, Robert Lane and Fiona Long will give valuable insights into recent events and how best to avoid becoming a cyber victim.

Dr Pye is a lecturer with 20 years’ experience in the Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics at Deakin University.

His research is widely published and focuses primarily on cyber security analysis of systems.

He continues to investigate the challenges and risk aspects of small to medium enterprises.

Rachel Dixon (Office of the Victorian Information Commission) has a background in banking and insurance, was chief operating officer at several video streaming and ad-tech companies and was founder of a telecommunications company and several smaller IT start-ups.

She was also a film and television producer and video game marketer.

Robert Lane is well recognised for his experience in the application of strategy, risk and operational management within governance frameworks.

He applies this directly in various engagements with private clients, as an adviser to their Boards, and has experience as the Risk Chair of a financial institution.

Robert has undertaken many governance reviews and board appraisals and regularly works with boards to develop their capacity and effectiveness.

Fiona Long is the founder and director of Assuredly and Cyber Security Consulting PL with over two decades in cyber security.

Her experience spans from enhancing online banking security to leading cybercrime initiatives at a major data management firm.

Fiona is dedicated to demystifying cyber security, offering advice and tools to help individuals and businesses secure their goals.

She stands out as Australia’s only solo female cyber security company founder, the first female IRAP assessor in New South Wales, and a two-time finalist for Australia’s Most Outstanding Woman in IT Security at the Australian Women in Security awards.

With such an experienced list of speakers on the program, this month’s symposium in Warrnambool is a not-to-be-missed event.

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