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10 May, 2024

Don’t miss ‘Waves Unchartered’

PORT Fairy’s Glyph Gallery is currently hosting the first solo exhibition for talented Warrnambool artist Jenny Vick.

By Staff Writer

Don’t miss ‘Waves Unchartered’ - feature photo

Ms Vick has been painting for just over 10 years and this exhibition, titled ‘Waves Unchartered,’ is the result of a wave of productivity.

“My medium of choice is oils and I am motivated when painting to create realist images,” Ms Vick said.

Working from her own photos, Ms Vick’s main objective is to convey the sense of the scene before her.

The addition of fine detail is the challenge she relishes; a process that brings the paintings to life.

“My inspiration primarily comes from the natural landscapes that surround me, both local and afar,” Ms Vick said.

Her group of paintings, currently on display in Port Fairy, is dominated by local scenes.

They also feature some locations from memorable journeys undertaken both interstate and overseas.

With regards to the title, ‘Waves Unchartered,’ this exhibition of paintings doesn’t necessarily include the ocean but are a reference to the ‘waves’ of life.

“Some are familiar and re-occurring while others are new and difficult to navigate,” Ms Vick said.

“All the waves remind me to keep diving in and ride the surf the best way possible.”

‘Waves Unchartered’ can be enjoyed at Glyph Gallery, 38 Bank Street, Port Fairy.


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