27 November, 2023

Don’t miss Autumn Leaves

TALENTED local artist Claire Chatfield will this month open her second solo exhibition in Warrnambool since moving to the area two years ago.

By Staff Writer

Don’t miss Autumn Leaves - feature photo

Ms Chatfield moved back to Victoria from Lismore NSW in 2019 where she had been living and exhibiting her art for over a decade. 

Earlier this year she had an installation in the window space at the Timor Street market which featured her art and upcycling products.

In 2023 she won several prizes for her art locally and at Queenscliff’s Sacred Edge Festival. 

She has also exhibited in group shows in Melbourne and Koroit this year and is a member of the Warrnambool Artist Society where she exhibits regularly. 

Her most recent exhibition, ‘Autumn Leaves,’ will open at the Merri View Gallery next Thursday, November 30. 

The exhibition will feature ceramic, sculpture, wearable art, prints and drawings reflecting the artist’s journey through great change, both personally and in the world. 

“Autumn Leaves examines the death process that begins in the autumn of life; of grief for what is lost and past, and sadness at the destruction of our environment,” Ms Chatfield said. 

“Working with recycled materials, there is always hope that through the death of the old, the seeds of the new are born.” 

The exhibition will be officially opened next Thursday from 5pm-7pm, with visits welcome from 12 noon to 4pm daily. 

The Merri View Gallery can be found at 4 Coramba Court, Warrnambool. 


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