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24 May, 2024

For the Johnny Cash fans...

FANS of Johnny Cash should head to Warrnambool’s Lighthouse Theatre later this month for the ‘Get Rhythm – The Johnny Cash and June Carter Show.’

By Staff Writer

Mark and Joanne Caliguiri perform as Johnny Cash and June Carter.
Mark and Joanne Caliguiri perform as Johnny Cash and June Carter.

Real-life married couple Mark and Joanne Caligiuri will showcase their talents on stage on Friday, May 31.

Mark and Joanne’s romance blossomed from their shared passion for 1950s and 60s music.

As a tribute artist, Mark met Joanne at his Elvis show in 2005 and their love story led them to perform as Cash and Carter for 16 years.

Their latest act, ‘Get Rhythm - The Johnny Cash and June Carter Show,’ showcases the artists’ greatest hits such as ‘I Walk the Line,’ ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ and ‘Jackson.’

They perform alongside Mark’s sons and cousin, creating a tight-knit family unit on stage.

Working together has not only strengthened their relationship but also brought them immense joy.

Their goal as entertainers is to make people happy, and they believe in creating a connection with their audience during their interactive and fun-filled performances.

“We have a lot of fun on stage and we have had some wonderful feedback from audiences,” Mark said.

Comments have ranged from “you guys are the real deal” and “thankyou so much, you brought us so much joy and pure toe-tapping fun” through to “after a three hour drive to see your show I left with a sore face from smiling; loved every second.”

To experience the love and spirit of Johnny Cash and June Carter, don’t miss their upcoming show at The Lighthouse Theatre on Friday, May 31 from 7.30pm.

Audiences will enjoy an unforgettable experience filled with emotions, laughter, joy, and the distinct sounds that made the legendary Johnny Cash famous.

Don’t miss out on the incredible performances that have left audiences smiling and singing along.


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