19 October, 2023

Fruit rescue welcomes volunteers

WHEN it comes to giving back to the community, volunteering with a local group or organisation can be extremely rewarding and satisfying.

By Staff Writer

Fruit rescue welcomes volunteers - feature photo

More than 47 local voluntary groups took part in last weekend’s Volunteers Expo at the Emmanuel Centre, including the recently formed ‘Fruit Rescue.’ 

Fruit Rescue is one of many flexible ways local residents can get involved and make contributions to their community. 

You choose the days and times that suit you, and you get to take home a share of the fruit from each harvest you attend.

Fresh air, good company, making new friends and enjoying gentle exercise – all in a relaxed vibe - is what this group is all about. 

Fruit Rescue member Courtney Mathew said the goal was simple; to take fruit which was otherwise going to waste and get it to the people who need it. 

“When I go walking around my neighbourhood I see these trees dripping with fruit and I can see them rotting on the tree and it’s such a shame,” she said.

“The three things people can get involved with are offering their trees for us to pick, volunteering to go out and do the picking, or for organisations like Food Share who can distribute the fruit. 

“We go where the picks are so we need people across Warrnambool to share their trees and share their time and in return we’re offering free fruit, so it’s win-win. 

“If you sign up before November 1, you can go in the running to win one of 10 fruit trees. 

“We really hope the community embraces it and we have a great summer.” 

Warrnambool mayor Debbie Arnott encouraged everyone to learn more about the wide range of volunteering roles available. 

“Volunteering is such a special thing you can do to help your community and the people who call it home. It only takes a little bit of your time, but the impact you can have can be profound,” she said. 

“When you help other people, it makes you feel good too, and for many people, volunteering can be one of the most rewarding things they ever do.” 

For more information on how to become a volunteer simply head to  


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