5 July, 2024

Leadership program needs support

LEADERSHIP Great South Coast (LGSC) is in need of support to ensure the continuation of its annual community leadership program.

By Staff Writer

LGSC is reaching out to businesses, organisations and philanthropic partners across the region to secure funding for the years ahead.

The LGSC board was disappointed state government funding for Regional Community Leadership programs ceased on December 31, 2023.

“LGSC is able to deliver the 2024 program, but future years are a challenge without local community investment,” board chair Jessica Fishburn said.

“State government funding has been provided to LGSC over the past 11 years.

“We have worked hard to secure 2024 funding from local governments, corporate, philanthropy and community organisations for the delivery of the program and we are now seeking support for 2025 and beyond.”

Ms Fishburn said the annual LGSC program fosters leadership skills among aspiring and emerging leaders from diverse sectors throughout the Great South Coast.

It plays a pivotal role in building robust relationships and networks among business, community and government sectors.

Ms Fishburn said the program brought together participants from varied backgrounds, enriching perspectives on leadership while contributing to the future social and economic prosperity of our community.

“We are actively pursuing a collective funding approach with philanthropic partners and organisations across south-west Victoria,” Ms. Fishburn said.

“This collective effort will ensure the continuation of our flagship program and enable us to explore innovative offerings that address regional needs.”

The initiative also seeks to establish multi-year funding agreements to facilitate long-term planning and program expansion beyond the flagship program.

“Through our efforts over the past 12 years, LGSC has graduated 179 alumni who are actively leading and contributing to our region,” Ms. Fishburn said.

“Additionally, we have successfully executed 46 community projects and fostered over 110 organisational partnerships, while providing more than $200,000 in scholarships to facilitate broad community participation.

“LGSC invites businesses and organisations across the Great South Coast to join in this important community initiative.”

Ms Fishburn said that by investing in leadership development, stakeholders would not only contribute to enhancing regional resilience, inclusivity, and connectivity but also support the growth of capable leaders who can drive meaningful community impact.


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