5 July, 2024

Local bowlers feature in championships

LOCAL bowlers have featured strongly in the recent Victorian Championships.

By Staff Writer

Ballarat Ladies triples runners-up.
Ballarat Ladies triples runners-up.

The men’s and ladies’ singles and mixed fours events were recently completed, while the mixed pairs have reached the semi-final stage.

Allansford’s Jacinta Marney defeated Wannon Park’s Maureen Drennan in the final of the ladies’ singles.

It was a great effort to have two Warrnambool representatives playing off in the final.

Jacinta proved too strong on the day to win her second consecutive Victorian Singles Championships.

The men’s singles was won by Ballarat’s Travis Hedger over Traralgon’s Ben Jackson.

The mixed fours championships were played last Saturday in Melbourne.

The Ballarat team of David Speechley (s), Rod Brehaut, Heather Hopkinson and Trish Speechly retained the title it won at Warrnambool last year.

Sunday saw the mixed pairs played to semi-final stage, with Allansford players Sue and Russell Kerr still in the mix.

Locally, pennant has continued, with only three rounds remaining before finals commence.

Each of the three divisions has a runaway top side.

In division one, Allansford Cats (represented by Jacinta Marney, Ash Quick, Barb Pulling and Vince Lenehan) are 10 points clear on top of the ladder.

Division two leaders are Allansford Leopards – Brad Murphy (s), Julie Shiels, Andrew Lackie and Colin Ruddle who have a 10 point buffer.

In division three, Grangeburn is currently unbeaten and sitting two games clear on top, and comprises Rylan Pech (s), Julie Pollock, Carol Dunn and Nettie Ryan.

Ballarat Association held its annual intergroup championship over the long weekend in June.

Warrnambool fielded two full sides for this event.

Many Warrnambool players were close to the medals which are only awarded to winners and runners-up in each section.

The best of the Warrnambool players were Barb Draffen (s), Helen Harney and Yvonne Lenehan who finished second in the ladies’ triples.

From Heytesbury, Arthur Finch won the men’s singles event.

Photos courtesy of Tia Jade Photography

Ballarat mens singles winner, Arthur Finch.
Ballarat mens singles winner, Arthur Finch.
Vibba ladies Singles winner Jacinta Marney (left) pictured with runner-up Maureen Drennan.
Vibba ladies Singles winner Jacinta Marney (left) pictured with runner-up Maureen Drennan.

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