16 June, 2023

Myndarra sneaks into the top four

Myndarra has snuck into the top four on the Orford and District Table Tennis Association ladder.

By Staff Writer

The team snuck in by percentage following Port Fairy’s loss to Warrnambool Vikings. 

Results from week eight were as follows: Glengleeson lost to Warrnambool Vikings 0.1-11.33. 

All Warrnambool Vikings players won their three rubbers. 

 Warrnambool Warriors defeated Orford 9.27-2.10. 

Warriors’ Peter Own won his three rubbers while Russell Hussey won Orford’s two rubbers. 

It was an early night with only three extended rubbers, two of them being the doubles which Warriors clinched in four. 

The other was a singles between Warriors’ Marshall Worthington and Jayden Clapp, 11-6, 11-13, 11-5 and 11-2. Myndarra defeated Tarrone 8.24-3.11. 

Aaron Rowbottom from Myndarra won his three rubbers, ably supported by his children in their rubbers and then combining to win both the doubles (which were the only extended rubbers for the night). 

David Warhurst was Tarrone’s best with two rubbers. 

Attunga defeated Port Fairy 10.30-1.6. 

Both Val and Kelly Wortley from Attunga won their three rubbers, while Ray Young was Port Fairy’s winner when he defeated Ian Wortley. 

Attunga won both doubles to clinch this game. 

The unofficial ladder is as follows: Warrnambool Vikings 32 points, 77 rubbers, 238 games; Attunga 28, 63, 202; Warrnambool Warriors 24, 60, 195; Myndarra 16, 38, 123; Port Fairy 16, 36, 125; Orford 8, 33, 119; Glengleeson 4, 23, 91; Tarrone 0, 22, 92.


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