30 July, 2023

New members welcome

IF you are looking for a way to give back to your community, make new friends and fund raise for worthy causes, consider joining a Lions club.

By Staff Writer

With over 1.2 million members in almost every country and geographic location, the Lions organisation is the largest service club in the world – with all members united in the common bond of service and fellowship. 

Unfortunately, many people believe a Lions club comprises a group of ‘old men’ who are known for hosting fundraising barbecues or running Crayfish spinning wheels at the local market. 

However, all money raised at those barbecues and spinning wheels (and many other similar activities) is given back to the community in assistance and service. 

Not one cent disappears into that coffer called administration. Lions pay their own way. 

And as for ‘old men’ - clubs recognise and embrace younger members for they not only bring fresh ideas to the club but are also more aware of the needs of their communities in this changing world. 

And clubs have welcomed female members for many years now, in fact many clubs recognise that female membership has not only resulted in the strengthening of their clubs but also in their survival as a viable and active service organisation. 

Across the western district, Lions has enjoyed outstanding female participation in many active leadership roles including as district governors – while also continuing to welcome older folk who can also contribute in so many ways. 

There are very few people or organisations in most communities who have not benefitted in some way from their local Lions club. 

If you have ever considered Lions Club membership don’t be so quick to refuse an invitation based on the “I haven’t got time” excuse. 

You won’t be asked for an immediate commitment to the club, rather you will be invited to attend a couple of meetings and perhaps even an activity before a final decision. 

And you will not be asked to think and dream Lionism.

A strong protocol in clubs is family first, work second, and a little spare time for Lions. 

And you will certainly enjoy the benefits of fellowship and friendship, local, nationally and internationally, along with the satisfaction that comes with service, of helping those less fortunate or in need, from the young to the very old.


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