28 June, 2024

Offshore wind position taken to Canberra

MOYNE Shire mayor Cr Ian Smith has led a south-west delegation to meet with Federal Climate Change and Energy Minister Chris Bowen to discuss the offshore wind zone.

At a recent council meeting, Cr Smith said he presented the Minister with details of Moyne Shire’s community survey, which highlighted the advocacy points which the community helped shape.

He said potential community benefits from developments was raised.

“The Minister is in agreeance any benefits need to be significant and widespread,” Cr Smith said.

“They need to be legacy building, not just one-off supports for groups and organisations.

“I explained to the Minister most responses to our survey highlighted the concerns people had with the proposals which included potential impacts on marine life, visual and economic impacts – which includes ensuring any transmission cables run undersea.”

The Moyne delegation asked the Minister to provide information about how the government planned to address those concerns.

Warrnambool City Council chief executive officer Andrew Mason and Moyne Shire’s director environment, economy and place Jodie McNamara also attended.

Glenelg Shire Council also provided information for presentation.

Cr Smith said while the offshore wind zone was in Federal Government controlled waters and council would not be a decision maker when it came to issuing permits for construction, it did have a key role to play in advocacy and as a conduit for information.

“Council and the community will be important stakeholders in these developments, and we want to make sure concerns are heard, dealt with appropriately and any opportunity for wide reaching benefits seized on,” he said.


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