30 June, 2023

One foot after the other

Warrnambool will be all the more walkable by the end of next month thanks to the construction of three new footpaths.

By Staff Writer

A new path under construction through Wavelinks Park.
A new path under construction through Wavelinks Park.

New paths are currently being built on Mortlake Road between Breton Street and the Russells Creek path, on Simpson Street between Verdon Street and Raglan Parade, as well as through Wavelinks Park between McGregors Road and Wanstead Street. 

Warrnambool mayor Debbie Arnott said these projects would add about 600 metres to Warrnambool’s footpath network.

“The aim of these new footpaths is to make it easier and safer for people to choose walking as a mode of transport,” she said. 

“Whether it’s walking to school, to work, or to the shops, walking offers a broad range of health, environmental, economic and social benefits. 

“We know that people are passionate about their footpaths, and we know there is more work to be done. 

“Our Principal Pedestrian Network Plan involved feedback from hundreds of people and has helped us to identify a lot of the projects needed, and we will continue to work with local neighbourhoods to refine priority projects on an ongoing basis.” 

The Simpson Street footpath is funded by the Victorian Government’s Department of Transport. 

The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) is funding two wombat crossings in Breton Street (due to be built soon) which will complement the new Mortlake Road footpath. 

“Where we can combine funding from our own budget with grants from other levels of government, it means we can build more infrastructure in less time, and that’s obviously a great outcome for our residents,” Cr Arnott said. 

“I’d like to thank the Victorian Government and the TAC for their investment in creating a safer and more walkable Warrnambool.” 

All three footpath projects are expected to be finished by the end of July. 


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