30 June, 2023

Orford and district table tennis

THE dreaded winter flu season has played havoc with Orford and District table tennis teams this week.

This resulted in a forfeit by the Warrnambool Warriors to Glengleeson. 

A loss this week saw Myndarra drop out of the four and with only Glengleeson as a potential win in the next three weeks, moving back up the ladder seems an uphill battle. 

Week 11 will see the Warrnambool Vikings play Attunga. 

Unfortunately no matter how long the games and rubbers are, how late the night is, or how close the rubbers, games and points are, Warrnambool Vikings will take home the night’s four points. 

Orford will play Port Fairy. 

Due to the long absence of Russell Hussey from the Orford side, Port Fairy should win this game. 

Orford has had few nights this season with both Russell and David Rowbottom playing. 

Tarrone will meet Glengleeson. 

Glengleeson won earlier in the season when Gareth Spring succeeded in the last rubber of the night when the scores were tied at 5-5. 

They should take home the points this week again, as they have proved the stronger team so far this season. Warrnambool Warriors should sing a happy tune on the way home after their game against Myndarra. 

Results from week 10 were as follows: Myndarra lost to Warrnambool Vikings 8.25-3.10. Aaron Rowbottom was Myndarra’s winner, while all Warrnambool Vikings won two rubbers. Attunga defeated Orford 9.32-2.8. 

Both Val and Ian Wortley won their three rubbers while David Rowbottom and Jayden Clapp were Orford’s winners. 

The association wishes Russell Hussey a full recovery and look forward to seeing him back at the table next season, if not sooner. 

Port Fairy defeated Tarrone 1.25-4.14. Tarrone’s David Warhurst won his three rubbers, and teamed with Peter to win a close double against Port Fairy’s Ray Young and Tony Storer 2-11, 11-7, 13-15, 11-4 and 11-7.

David later went on to win a five-game rubber against Ray 11-9, 9-11, 11-8, 10-12 and 14-12. Glengleeson won on a forfeit over Warrnambool Warriors. 

The unofficial ladder is: Warrnambool Vikings 40 points, 93 rubbers and 288 games; Attunga 36, 81, 260; Warrnambool Warriors 24, 63, 207; Port Fairy 20, 47, 171; Myndarra 16, 46, 153; Glengleeson 12, 41, 179; Orford 12, 41,149 and Tarrone 0, 25, 115. 


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