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24 May, 2024

Storytelling festival begins next month

THE Warrnambool Storytelling Festival returns next month with a star-studded line-up of south west talent encompassing more than 37 events over 23 days at 17 venues.

By Staff Writer

Warrnambool Storytelling Festival committee chair Philip Liebelt is looking forward to next month’s event.
Warrnambool Storytelling Festival committee chair Philip Liebelt is looking forward to next month’s event.

The festival will enter its fourth year with a diverse array of artistic performances, all of which unite on the shared ideal of telling fascinating, inspiring and evocative stories.

Warrnambool Storytelling Festival committee chair Philip Liebelt said this year’s events focused on telling many stories across many mediums.

Music, film, art and literature will coalesce across topics including culture, philosophy, religion and faith, the human experience, history and environment.

There will also be comedy, magic, poetry and costumes to attract and entertain people of all ages.

“We will explore a range of storytelling in a range of different ways,” Mr Liebelt said.

“We’ll have two panels discussing the creative process, and if past events are anything to go by, this will no doubt once again be extremely popular.”

Mr Liebelt was one of the founding members of the Warrnambool Storytelling Festival, who saw the concept have success elsewhere and knew there was a contribution the south west could make.

“When I retired and returned to Warrnambool in 2019 I had been in the Glen Eira City Council area for five years, and they have a thriving storytelling festival there,” he said.

“I saw how well that went, and I was keen to bring something similar to Warrnambool.

“There are a lot of wonderful groups here but a lot is not done together, and I thought it would be great to have a united event which drew on as many groups as possible.”

In order to reach as many people as possible, and to make the festival as affordable and accessible as possible, the festival events are held across several locations.

“If people want to go to one thing, they can. If they want to go to all of it, they can,” Mr Liebelt said.

“One of the differences we’ve noticed this year and last is that more people are coming to us and wanting to be involved, whereas early on we had to be more proactive in approaching people.

“There will be some children’s events, but this is not a festival just for children. I’d be very surprised if anyone can’t find a story which intrigues them.”

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