23 October, 2023

Table tennis results

WARRNAMBOOL table tennis players enjoy regular games at the Cramer Street stadium each Monday night.

By Staff Writer

Friendly competitions are played across A, B, C and D grades. Results from Monday, October 16 were as follows: 

A grade: 

Blue Team (Simon and Bec) def Yellow Team (Ben and Joe) 4-1. 

Red Team (Rehan and Matty) def Teal Team (Aaron and Adam Jr.) 4-1. 

B grade: 

Red Team (Keith and Tess) def Blue Team (David War and Peter K) 3-2. 

Teal Team (Peter O. and David Wal) def Green Team (Dom and Pat) 3-2. 

C grade: 

Yellow Team (Gilles and Azhan) def Green Team (David C. and Marshall) 3-2. 

Red Team (Tony and Alli) def Blue Team (Paul and Matt) 5-0. 

D grade: Green Team (Cherie and Bella) def Yellow Team (Leo and Cooper) 3-2. 

Blue Team (Tina and Craig) def Red Team (Ali and Jensonn) 3-2. 

Thank you to all who filled in this week. 


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