2 June, 2023

Timmy qualifies for state event

ALLANSFORD Primary student Timmy Boyd has qualified for the SSV State Cross Country championships.

By Staff Writer

Timmy qualifies for state event - feature photo

The year six student qualified for the 11 year boys division, to be held at the Yarra Valley Racing Club on July 13, As a student leader, Timmy shares his love of running with his peers and school ‘buddies’. 

A highlight of his preparation for the upcoming competition has been teaching his Foundation ‘buddy’ Ronnie the skill of cross-country running and preparing him for his junior event next week. 

“I’m really excited to teach him what I really love to do and see him take it all on board,” Timmy said. 

Timmy has worked extremely hard training at school and in his own time to continually beat his personal best and achieve his running goals. 

His enthusiasm and determination along with his grit and skill was clear at the end of each level of qualification.


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